When is it best to call the girl, taking her number?
It is best to call the 2 nd day after you started dating and he took her number card. If the caller is too early, she may think that you have nothing to do and no one with whom to spend free time. Tightened with a call just not worth it – she’ll probably have forgotten, or just lose all interest.

In the best time to call?
Dial her number preferably in the evening. Firstly, if you can call during business hours, you are not busy enough, and you must give the impression of a man living a full active life. Secondly, do not show how much it is of interest for you that you can not live until the evening. Thirdly she may be busy at work or school.

In no mood to call?
During the call, you must be on a positive wave. You must infect her good mood. Be liberated, to speak freely – the girls do not like a guy jammed. And another thing – what would not have a conversation – it needs to end on a positive note, so here’s your chance to rectify the situation to their advantage. Girls always remember the phrase, which ended the conversation.

What to say?
Most guys do not know what to say to a girl. Be sure to identify the purpose of your call. You must be willing to talk, pick up all the words to reflect the action. Talk “about nothing” does not lead to good. If this is the first call, you can just drop the topic of weather, nature, animals and so on. The shorter will be your communication, the better. Ask how her case and suggested a walk. All other topics you can discuss during the meeting. Would be better if you yourself quit a telephone conversation, without succumbing to the provocations of a chat “about this and that” (we all know how girls can talk for hours on the phone).

On what day of the invite?
Better to discuss the meeting in advance. If you’re going to call it, for example, on Sunday, you should not call on a Friday or Saturday. To plan better in advance. If it is on this day is busy – do not despair, and invites other.

Should I write a sms?
After a message is impossible to convey all that gamut of emotions that you experience. In addition, they can not properly understand. So it is better to leave this option of communication. Preferable agreed on everything during a phone call.

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